SKRL-Sree Krishna Homoeo Research and Lab is a homoeopathic Research Institute in Ernakulam. Its researches is in accordance with the wonderful principles of homoeopathy. As a result of lengthy and dedicated researches conducted in SKRL by Dr. C.R.Venugopal and colleagues, a wide range of special medicines are formulated. As Homoeopathy is a natural holistic form of medicine based on a Doctrine of Principles, which are derived from the Laws of Nature, there are no side effects for these medicines.

The first of the special medicine derived was Greynil. Greynil is a very effective Homoeopathic medicine against premature greyness of hair. It have been used by numerous people and found that the natural colour of the hair was regained.Another wonderful product formulated was Footcornil. It is a very effective homoeopathic medicine tablet which helps in removing foot corns.Lucoden is another homeopathic medicinal product formulated in SKRL and it is found to be very effective against lucoderma. Royalvita is a homeopathic medicine formulated in SKRL which gives sexual strength for men. Memory Plus is a homeopathic medicinal product which empowers the memory of people.