Dr. C.R.Venugopal began his researches in 1979. thereafter he found excellent remedies for several diesases which was devoid of any unhappy side effects. His researches continues in cerain dieases specifically for untimely greyness of hair and lacking of proper growth and certain kinds of baldness. Especially these medicies are beneficial to the fair sex also who wish amble hair the medicine stimulate the follicular gland to facilitate for proper and natural growth of hair, his earnest attempt in this field is benefical to those who are desperately in want of the natural state of hair,

  • Dr. C.R.Venugopal was honoured with the Nehru Award in the year 2004 for his excellence in the field of homoeopathy
  • He was honoured with the Sevan Ratna Award in 2005 regarding his services in Homoeopathic medicine cure
  • Thereafter he was honoured with V.K.Krishna Menon Award and Mahatma Gandhi Award in 2006 for his continuous services in homoeopathy.