Lucoden combo


External Oil for Leukoderma(Vitiligo- White patches)

Lucoden tablet is Homeopathic product that gives wonderful results in vitiligo (white patches) by enhancing the natural production of pigments.




Lucoden Oil is especially formulated for Vitiligo (White patches). This oil helps in removing the
depigmentedpatches on any part to various extent.

Leukoderma is a progressive skin disorder where the skin loses its colour in patches of irregular shapes and sizes caused by the localised / generalised destruction of melanocytes. Using Lucoden Oil The changes are visible after 3 months of regular use and the result can vary depending upon the extent and the duration of the disease

Wash the affected area and make it dry, then apply and massage Lucoden Oil on the
affected area two or three times daily.

Please note that results may vary from person to person depending on the extend of vitiligo and size of white patches

For best results use it with Luoden tablet

Healthy Tips for You

  • Quit smoking, alcohol and coffee.
  • Take protein rich diet & food which are rich in zinc,folic acid& copper like green leafy┬ávegetables, beetroot, carrot, fish, radish, dates etc.
  • Avoid meat, citrus fruits, tomato, curd, pickles, vinegar, carbonated drinks, reduce animal products.
  • Exposure to sun helps to produce melanocyte essential for repigmentation.


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