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Baldex Oil stimulates the follicles of hair tissue and helps hair growth.




Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp & can be the result of hereditory, certain medications or an underlying  medical condition.Men and women  can experience hair fall.

Today homoeopathy is gaining worldwide acceptance as there is natural recovery of complaints.

Baldex oil, a revolutionary product from SKRL  specially formulated for hair fall & hair growth after relentless researches. It stimulate the hair follicle & promotes the growth of healthy hair.

Baldex oil is the most beneficial Homoeopathic product for any type of hair fall.

Tips for You

  • Quit smoking, alcohol and caffeine (for internal medicines only)
  • Use white cotton scarf while wearing helmet.
  • Eat food which are rich in iron.
  • Eat Sun dried pumpkin seed.
  • Comb your hair gently with good hair brush.

Note : How to use

  • Apply baldex oil gently over scalp using your fingertips & wait for an hour ,later wash it with any mild shampoo.

6 reviews for BALDEX OIL

  1. santa dhar

    It’s good

  2. Jithu

    Got result with in two months.

  3. Abitha


  4. Santhosh Kumar

    It took 3 months for me but the result is amazing.. Definitely I would recommend for it without a second thought…🙂

  5. Binitha

    It’s really good.

  6. Pancho

    My hair grew back instantly!

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