Lucoderma or white patches in the skin can be removed by the use of Lucoden.



Leucoderma is a progressive skin disorder where the skin loses its color in patches of irregular shapes and sizes caused by the localised / generalised destruction of melanocytes. Even the hairs which are growing in that area may loose their color and turn grey.

Homeopathy gives wonderful results in vitiligo(white patches).Lucoden tab which enhances the natural production of pigments. As vitiligo(white patches) is achronic disorder & can take considerable time even with the best of homeopathic treatment.

Tips for you

  • Take protein rich diet,& food which are rich in zing folic acid & copper like Greenleafy vegetables,beetroot,carrot,fig, raddish, date etc.
  • Avoid red meet, citrus fruits, tomato,curd,pickles, carbonated drinks. Reduce animal products.
  • Exposure to Sun which helps to produce melanocyte essential for repigmentation.
  • Quit smoking,alcohol,& coffee.


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